To start off I’m not trying to shit on the BSC as a whole. There’s some good quality projects on it. There is about 10x as many scam or total shit projects that come out every day as opposed to legit projects with a long term future.

The most important…

There can only be one King of the Castle

I used to really be into Game of Thrones. We can take some stuff from it and apply to crypto. There are a lot of blockchain companies around who are all competing to be the King of the blockchain world.

No matter how confident one feels about their blockchain /…

Nothing in this article is confirmed. Do not make financial decisions based only upon this.

Anytime you get an anonymous project the community will speculate who is behind it. It’s a lot of fun to look into and think about.

Lets start with a general who or what could be…

I am one of the millions of humans in this world who knew what Bitcoin was back in the early 2010s and had the opportunity to buy some while researching the Silk Road. I never did buy any and then it was $300 dollars and I thought to myself there’s…

Frank The ZAlien

Zenon Enthusiast

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