To start off I’m not trying to shit on the BSC as a whole. There’s some good quality projects on it. There is about 10x as many scam or total shit projects that come out every day as opposed to legit projects with a long term future.

The most important lesson I’ve learned is that having a crypto project do something like $GME or $AMC is super rare. It’s even rarer for a brand new project with a super low market cap to do something like WallStreetBets does to stocks. There’s so many projects launching with no real use case…

Overall I do not have a lot of money. I want to buy a lot more Zenon than I can afford. I’ve been rugged, honeypotted and mega-minted more times than I can count. I was putting around 0.01bnb into tokens posted on /r/cryptomoonshots while sorting by new.

I’m sharing this to hopefully help others avoid scams. These are not good for the cryptoverse in general and BSC is freaking exploding with scams right now. Most new tokens that come out are total shit and will be worth way less than you paid within 24 hours.


Rug Pull: Where all…

Mercatox is the easiest site to purchase Zenon from. It does not require any KYC. My first impression of the site was not great as it looks like a website from the early internet as the best way to describe it.

I do not have a ton of money so for me every cent matters. My usual way of moving coins between exchanges wouldn’t work because Mercatox doesn’t list XLM, Algo or XRP. So I had to get creative in a way to maximize every cent.

Screenshot of the ZNN/BTC page

There can only be one King of the Castle

I used to really be into Game of Thrones. We can take some stuff from it and apply to crypto. There are a lot of blockchain companies around who are all competing to be the King of the blockchain world.

No matter how confident one feels about their blockchain / web3 platform of choice, we can’t accurately predict the future with 100 percent certainty. At this point the name of the game is speculation. Educated speculation may be a better term but it’s still speculation.

We have quite a few Blockchains to choose from for building web3 apps on both…

Nothing in this article is confirmed. Do not make financial decisions based only upon this.

Anytime you get an anonymous project the community will speculate who is behind it. It’s a lot of fun to look into and think about.

Lets start with a general who or what could be behind this project in no order of most likely.

  • Aliens from another world.
  • An unorganized group of developers
  • Jack Dorsey
  • Some rich dude we’ve never heard of
  • A cabal of professors from top universities around the world
  • A large tech company who cares about decentralization
  • The CIA
  • A 400lb hacker…

Unlike it’s private predecessor, the incentivized public testnet is available to anyone regardless of if you currently hold $ZNN or not.

First things first. The public testnet and s y r i u s wallet that were released today is in testing. It currently allots 1,000 ZNN and 10,000 QSR a day by using a faucet. Do not send any of your coins that you purchased previously to s y r i u s.

What you’ll need:
-Windows or Mac computer for s y r i u s wallet
-Internet Connection
-Telegram account to use faucet

Navigate to!

I am one of the millions of humans in this world who knew what Bitcoin was back in the early 2010s and had the opportunity to buy some while researching the Silk Road. I never did buy any and then it was $300 dollars and I thought to myself there’s no way that this will ever be worth more than that. A few years later I saw it cracked a thousand dollars and again I thought that it wouldn’t be worth anything more. And the cycle repeated

Fast forward a few years to late 2020. The COVID Pandemic had basically…

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