Who (or What) is Behind Zenon?

Nothing in this article is confirmed. Do not make financial decisions based only upon this.

Anytime you get an anonymous project the community will speculate who is behind it. It’s a lot of fun to look into and think about.

Lets start with a general who or what could be behind this project in no order of most likely.

  • Aliens from another world.
  • An unorganized group of developers
  • Jack Dorsey
  • Some rich dude we’ve never heard of
  • A cabal of professors from top universities around the world
  • A large tech company who cares about decentralization
  • The CIA
  • A 400lb hacker nicknamed 69TendieLover69
  • Nicolas Cage
  • A hostile foreign government
  • A friendly foreign government

To start off I gotta say it could be aliens. Just look at all of the alien-esque artwork and graphics around this project. Lower odds on this one as aliens haven’t been confirmed

Another possibility is that it’s a group of anon developers who organized online and have no rich leader paying them. Something like Anonymous or a similar collective. While there’s a possibility this is the case I also give it low odds.

The next one has the most clues and lore about it amongst the community. Jack Dorsey created Twitter. The first ever tweet was sent on Mar 21st, 2006. Jack launched another company called Square in 2009. On Mar 21st, 2019 a company called Square Crypto sent out it’s first ever tweet with a waving hi emoji. 6 hours earlier Zenon Network sent out their first tweet “Hi this is Zenon” March 21st of the current year 2021 also saw Zenon announce the public testnet. Could be a fan of Jack or total continence.

If that was all I could pass it by. But it’s not. The same Square Crypto account also tweeted the following.


This sounds oddly similar to the design of Zenon Network.The different kinds of Nodes are called Pillars and Sentinels. The Sentinels are shown as floating orbs with a single eye. Would be an odd thing to tweet out of the blue

Next up in Jack theory is another Twitter condienence.This time a trifecta all in the same day.

So Zenon reaches a major milestone in it’s project lifecycle. On the same day Jack sends out a twitter thread about how he’s working on a project to build a more decentralized web based on the blockchain. Oh and then his Square Cyrpto talks about a grant for a dev whos name looks similar to a Zenon address. Note: ZmnSCPxj denied any involvement..

The final part of Jack Theory involves another project of his with Cash App. Cash App also has some trippy ass graphics that include some familiar objects.

That blue thing looks a lot like a pillar.

But wait there’s more. The S y r i u s walllet was released today. If you turn discrete mode on and flip the tabs back around there’s a blinking eye. Cashapp graphics and other around Jack also have eyes like that.

The next possibility is a wealthy person we’ve not heard of. The life of the project points to it having solid financial backing of some sorts. There is no obvious source of funding. They raised money at the start by having people send them bitcoins and then returned in full 2 years later.

The next one is similar in that it’s an entity with lots of money. A major tech company could have a secret project. I just can’t imagine most of them caring about decentralization.

One of the more likely scenarios is that it’s a college or cabal of colleges who are building it. The whitepaper reads like a paper I would have written in college and has a focus on researching. I would imagine that if it was a bunch of college students more details would leak about it.

4chan is not very likely as we would see more leaks and discussion about specifics of the project. There was not a lot shared from people in the private testnet anywhere on the web.

Nicholas Cage… need I say another word on this one? He can’t keep getting away with this

All of the government sponsored possibilities are hard to imagine. Doesn’t have the government vibe.

We might never know the answer to this question. I’d actually be pretty pumped if an anon team built the foundation to build next generation of webapps. Until we find out who is behind it speculation will continue. At this point most of the evidence points towards Jack Dorsey being at least somewhat involved. He is one of the only tech CEO’s that would really want decentralization. Lots of similarities with the graphics.

At the end of the day it’s really not important to know who is behind it.The team focusing on decentralization and releasing a quality product are the only things that matters.

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